Two weeks in….


It’s been about two weeks since I started farming with my family.  It has been an interesting two weeks that is for sure.  I feel pretty good about it and I have definitely learned a lot already.  I went into this knowing that I would have a lot to learn,  I mean I know a lot about dairies and a little about row cropping.  I just don’t know all the details to everything that needs to be done on a working farm.  Dairy farming is complicated, way more complicated than most people realize.  I have a feeling that I will continue to learn stuff from now on.  So really quick here are a few of the lessons that I have learned:

  • Always open the gates before you try to move cattle.  See I have this problem where I want to get this stuff done and I want it done now, well this caused me a lot of trouble.  I tried to run a couple cows up into the milk barn from the maternity barn, only I didn’t open any gates first.  This made a big mess where I almost lost the cows out of the barn.  Soooo from now on I set everything up first before I try to get the job done.
  • Slow down and caress the tractors.  Laugh it sounds funny, but this is true.  I wasted a lot of time, because I was jerking knobs and pushing levers with all my might.  Again I need to slow down and take my time to get the job done.
  • Start early and work hard.  I had to plant 80 acres of corn and pretty much without my usual support(my hubby).  I am not going to claim that I know everything and my hubby always sets me up and gets me started.  It was scary to try to do it without him, but I started early.  I tried to pace myself and just work hard at it.  Guess what I got it finished and I feel accomplished.
  • Organization goes a long way.  I am not the most organized person on the planet, but I do realize organization is really important.  My hope is that we can get more organized at the dairy.  I know it won’t be perfect and it is going to take some time.
  • I’m happy.  I can’t tell you guys how happy I am right this minute.  There are going to be some rough and hard days.  Days that I might go home crying, but I am so happy.