Rain dancing

This post was really meant to just be another boring update of my not so boring life, but things have been depressing as of late.  Ask anyone who is trying to farm or even garden here in our part of the state.  It is just plain depressing.  I have found out over the last few years, that I am very connected to my environment.  It has a lot to do with me being raised by a farmer, but it has a lot to do with my personality.  I love the outdoors and nature.  It goes beyond the occasional hike and sitting outside at night listening to crickets.  I just feel so connected to the land that I often dream of a day I can just go live in a secluded cabin.  As a kid I used to sneak out and go find a field of clover and just lay in it.  I loved the feeling of the grass cradling my body and even now I hate wearing shoes, when I stick my toes in grass.  I sound crazy, I know, but I think its important to explain why I am so melancholy right now.  See we are again experiencing another drought, just like last year.  The media isn’t saying it yet, but I feel it.  I look out at the fields of corn around my house and I feel it.  The thousands of corn plants that stand tall next to me are a part of me and they are in pain.  I can feel them trying to breathe and survive, but they are struggling.  Worse I know the cure, I know what will help them, but I am powerless.  I can’t make it rain.  Even writing this I feel so silly.  Most people just drive by and say “oh there is a field”  I can say things aren’t as bad as they were last year, yet.  I went out walking this morning, before it got so hot, and things looked pretty hopeful.  So we shall see, if it rains I think things will feel fresher.  So if you are the type of person to pray, pray for us.  If you do rain dances, do a rain dance.  We need it.


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