Drought ’15

Well I have definitely took a break from blogging and I can explain why.  I sat down probably more than a month ago and started to write a post.  At that point things were bad and depressing I just couldn’t blog about it.  I just couldn’t put it all out there and tell the world that we had a horrible summer.  Things are just not going good for us with our farming operation.  We are in the middle of a severe drought and at this point things are only looking worse.  I just couldn’t bring myself to finish my post on such a sad note, because the truth is, this has been one of the best summers I have had in awhile.  I have really been counting my blessings lately.  Summer with my family was great and we had tons of good quality fun.  I think when times are tough, you really pull together and learn to enjoy the little things.  Instead of worrying about paying money to take us to paid activities, both Jody and I focused on spending quality time just playing with the kids.  We’ve spent time working together as a family.  So I guess I am saying, I can’t complain, because God has given me this day and time to spend with my boys, and I appreciated every second.  On the business side of everything, we really don’t know where we stand.  We have had almost no rain, so nothing has grown this summer.  This drought has affected us and continue to affect us.  Our corn crop was only a tiny fraction of what it should have been.  The majority of the corn was cut by the dairy for corn silage and we only saved a little bit for our deer corn business.  We had sweet corn that didn’t make anything at all.  We planted ten acres of sweet potatoes this year and had really tried to do everything right.  I’m actually so thankful for all those potatoes, because the good news is they still grew.  We knew that there should have been more, but we are happy for the ones that we do have.  We will have at least the same amount as last year, but probably many more.  Hopefully that business will still continue to grow.  No matter what happens, we have faith that things will be ok.



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