Gettin it done


The soybeans are all finished!! Yayy!! We are finally getting things marked off of our to do list.  It feels really good now we just have to wait on some rain.  Sadly crops are looking terrible right now, because we have went so long without any to little rain.  The only good thing that we have is that our crops are spread out so far that some of our fields have gotten more rain than others.  These last couple of months have been hard to sit and watch the fields.  I think it might be because I am a little more attached this year.  I actually am the one who planted the majority of our soybeans.  It wasn’t my first time driving a tractor, but if was the first time I had to spend so much time driving one.  It definitely was harder than I thought it would be and it was exhausting riding in the tractor for hours.  But it was something that had to get done and I was glad to do it.  It felt good to accomplish something on such a grand scale.  I also saw some wildlife and got a break from my kids, so I really can’t complain.  I have to do something to keep myself busy over the summer.  We actually are currently on vacation!  Awesome I know, farmers of get vacations.  It just takes some different preparations.  We had to get something’s taken care of first and we are only going for a couple of days.  I will gladly take it though!


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