To Rain or not to Rain

Alright so before I get started on this blog post I think I need to add in a little disclaimer.  I actually have four or five different blog posts going at one time.  I write them out in my head while I am driving at work or trying to go to sleep, then I sit down, and type a bunch of stuff down.  I don’t really get to finish the post off and then publish it, so it sit for awhile.  That might be why you may notice some of my blogs are “behind”  So if your reading this and you think hey it’s raining cats and dogs outside, please don’t think I am crazy.  I promise when I originally wrote the start of this blog it hadn’t rained.  Plus you may notice as your reading the rest of my blogs for this growing season that I will probably stay behind what is really going on.

As the saying goes when it rains it pours, or I guess I should say when it doesn’t rain it doesn’t pour.  My part of North Carolina had a bit of a drought during the month of May.  We didn’t have a single drop of rain for about 30 days and all the crops were starting to look really thirsty.  Rain is an integral part of the farming process and without it we were starting to have some problems.  Things really weren’t critical, because May isn’t always our wettest month.  So we sort of expect to not have loads of rain, but once we do get rain, we are going to be incredibly busy.  First we have got to get soybeans planted, which I really don’t help much with.  There is still corn left to be planted and barley to be harvested.  All this would have worked out so that we wouldn’t be doing it all at once if rain would have happened sooner.  Then on top of all that, we are about a week away from our sweet potato slips being ready to plant.  We looked at the slips yesterday and they are looking perfect.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)

Please do not look at my messy yard and my horrible photography skills.  But these are what the slips looked like about three weeks ago.  Now they are the perfect height to cut!  I am so excited that all of our hard work has payed off.  We are ready for year two with sweet potatoes.  My hubby has been working long hours to clear our fields and make the beds.  The worst part about planting sweet potatoes is that once we start planting it will be all hands on deck.  We have hopes that it will go much smoother than last year!  I am a little stressed that all this will be happening while I am finishing up school.  The end of the year for a teacher is pretty busy.  I am sure I will be blogging more on all the craziness later!


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