Well I have kind of skipped out on blogging the last two months. I thought I was doing pretty good putting out one or two of these things a month, well that has just fallen apart. Blame it on my four boys that keep me running around. I tend to write my blogs in my brain at night before falling asleep. I have plenty of ideas floating around, but I haven’t had the time to put them on the computer. So I kind of forgotten all the ideas that I have had. I guess I will just take a few minutes to update what we have been up to the last couple of months. First, we have been working on my laundry room project. I knew when I started thinking about redoing anything in my house it would take awhile. I figured I would pick a time of the year when I had time off, so last spring break(yes exactly a year ago) we went to lowes and bought some things to “freshen up” my laundry room. It was the last room in the house that hadn’t been painted and the floor had some issues. To make the long story short, well a year has happened. I’ve had plenty of time off, but I haven’t been able to get to the laundry room. I can’t remember when I started painting but I finally did get some of the painting finished. About a month ago, our washing machine broke and that was the push I needed to work on the floor. After a month of working on my project mostly during the weekends, we finally have the new floor down and some wall repairs finished. I still have tons to do on this room, but it is starting to come together. I am so incredibly ready to be able to wash clothes in my own house again. I have spent the last 4 weekends at the laundromat and it stinks. Especially having little boys running around and getting into mischief. I plan on building a bench for the entryway and possibly something to sort laundry in. For now it is nice to have everything back together.

The other project that we have spent some time on has been bedding sweet potatoes. I didn’t really get to help as much as I wanted, but I still ended up shoveling a little. The sweet potatoes have to be sprouted and planted early so that we can have sweet potato slips in May. I never imagined sweet potatoes were so complicated when we started this journey. Those little things are very complicated. We have big plans this year to plant many acres more. I’m really hoping this year runs much more smoothly than last. This time around we know what we are doing and my hubby has all the equipment set up. It is hard to believe that planting season is here.


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