I went back and checked and I have been blogging for a year now! My very first blog post happened last February. I haven’t blogged very often but I have at least posted about once a month, so I am going to say that is pretty good. I have enjoyed sharing some of my stories with my small crowd of followers and I have enjoyed more being able to have a place where my creativity could show. It is tough being Momma, farmhand, and full time teacher and I like being able to share that with my little world. This has been a great month, but a busy month. I have been trying to spend as much extra time as I can on preparing our taxes. I am the only secretary that we have and I am afraid, I have done a horrible job this year. I guess I am paying for it now. I knew that we needed to keep up with things as we went, but I just kept putting it off. Anyway here we are and I am putting in lots of overtime on this job. My hubby has taken this opportunity to spend some time helping some other people work on their equipment. It’s really has been a blessing, even though I still haven’t been able to see him much. The weather in our area has been exceptionally beautiful and it has made me ache for spring. We have spent some time making our plans for this year’s planting. The plan is to have more sweet potatoes than last year, twice as many in fact. We are going to have some more sweet corn and grain corn. My hubby wants to plant just about everything that he has in corn and not as much in soybeans. The plans are for everything to expand. I’m not nearly as nervous about having more sweet potatoes as I was last year when we were just starting.  I guess I am going to just play with kids, work on taxes, and sit and wait until its time to start planting….. Sounds pretty great to me.



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