Christmas and a New Year

Well we are finishing up our year over here.  I’m happy to be closing the books on this year.  It really hasn’t been the easiest one that I’ve lived through.  There really wasn’t anything big that made this year so tough, but so many little things.  Our Fall harvest just felt like it went on forever, but that is now finished.  The majority of the sweet potatoes have been sold, but we still have plenty.  I went out yesterday to the trailers to make up a couple bags for people and we have 5 bins of Covingtons and 2 bins of the white ones left.  That really isn’t that much considering how many we had in the beginning.  As long as they stay in the trailers they will last another 2 to 3 months.  So I am confident we will get rid of all the potatoes.  I think I am just ready for that adventure to be finished for now.  My hubby has been doing paperwork and winding down for the end of the year.  With all this end of the year winding down it is easy to forget about Christmas.  I really have spent the last month and a half pretending that Christmas wasn’t coming.  I put everything off as long as I could, but I realized last week that I can’t avoid it any longer.  I had to do something to prepare for the holiday season.  I actually finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday, a day early!  This has to be the latest that I have went this year, but I really couldn’t help it.  I was so busy, I could never get away from the kids, and I really wasn’t in the Christmas spirit.  I worry so much about making holidays special for my little guys that I think I forget that they think everything is special.  They really don’t care that our “elf” didn’t show up until the week before Christmas, they are just happy he is there.  They don’t know I usually make all homemade cookies, but this year I bought premade stuff.  They don’t care that skipped out on our family tradition of going to the mountains for a tree.  They were excited to get the one we have.  They really don’t know that I only put out 1/10 of my decorations.  Having children has been such an amazing journey and they will truly teach you things if you let them.  Christmas isn’t about all the expectations that I put on it, Christmas is about just enjoying family.


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