Business is booming…..

Or at least the work part of it sure is!  My hubby has been steady at everything the last couple of weeks and for some reason that is when I want to blog more than ever.  Maybe I feel like I have so much to tell.  I am sad that I haven’t really been able to help too much, because of working full time.  I know it really is for the best, because what we do wouldn’t pay the bills year round.  Plus I really do love my job.


Watching Daddy dump potatoes on the trailer



A better view of the trailer with the potatoes

I am ready to give an update on sweet potatoes!  After a good bit of work and lots of help, we finally got all of them dug up.  It took us awhile longer than originally planned for many different reasons.  It took awhile to get the plow working perfect and then Jody’s tractor broke down(which happens a lot).  Then we had some wet weather that pushed everything back a few days.  We had to work around when we could get the help to pick up the potatoes.  We filled up one trailer and had to go find a second trailer.  The last variety needed a few more growing days to reach the desired size that we wanted, but finally we have got them up.  Hallelujah!  It has felt like at times this ordeal would never end.  We honestly have no idea how many potatoes we actually dug.  We have actually been selling them as we have been going along.  We had to move some potatoes just so that we could make room for more as we dug them up.  My hubby had bought twenty 40 bushel bins to hold the potatoes and they work great.  Only we could have used about 100 bins, so we have had to be creative.  The awesome news has been they are selling pretty well.  When you make or grow a product you have to hold your breath until its’ sold.  Thankfully the selling part has been going pretty well.  We have three different stores that are carrying our potatoes and will be able to supply them for awhile.  We have also been working with another buyer who sells local produce to local restaurants.  So you may be eating one of our potatoes and not even know it.


Up close and personal with my youngest

This has just been a big learning process for us.  It was not an easy task at all, but good news is we will do it all again next year.  We have just invested so much time and effort that we have to.  Looking back on this year, it has been an amazing harvest for my family.  We have had to rely on each other for many different things and working by my husband’s side has been a great feeling.  I think we both feel like we accomplished a lot.  There were times when we both got frustrated with each other, but I think it helped our relationship grow.  My favorite thing has been watching my little boys enjoy “farming.”  They run around and play in the fields, only to come home and farm with their tractors in my living room.  Oh and just because the sweet potatoes are up doesn’t mean that harvest time is over for us.  My hubby just gets to move on to the next crop, which is soybeans.


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