Fall is coming

I absolutely love the changing of the seasons.  I happen to find each season wonderful in its own way, but there is something extra special about fall.  There are some great holidays, my family has birthdays, fairs, and of course harvest.  Harvest time for a farmer is kind of like the playoffs for a football player.  They’ve been working towards this all year long.  All their blood, sweat, and tears have finally paid off.  My little family is ready for harvest time.

This fall we have our usual two crops, corn and soybeans.  The corn always comes in first and my hubby sells some of it for deer corn.  We started doing deer corn the year that Cooper was born and have really enjoyed it.  We have spent many nights up late shucking corn and bagging it.  Some years we take corn to sell at market and sometimes we sell some to my dad.  We started out with a corn picker that didn’t take the shucks of, but last year we upgraded to one that does.  That saved us tons of time and the cost of labor.  September and October are so incredibly busy because I will usually come straight home and start helping with something.  There are many nights that we work till 9 or 10 and only grab a quick sandwich before we head to bed.

This year we have added another crop that will have to be harvested.  Our sweet potatoes that we planted back in June are almost ready!  I am very nervous about how this will go.  We still have so much to do before we are ready to dig them up and we still aren’t sure how some things are going to go.  I can’t wait to take pictures and blog about how we do each step.

Harvest time is just such a wonderful time and it reminds me how proud I am of my hubby.  He works very hard to try to provide a good life for us.  At times things are hard.  He doesn’t have a steady flow of income coming in, but we are working towards a larger goal.  We have three boys that are going to grow up knowing what it is to work hard.  They are going to know what its like to work together as a family.  They won’t be a afraid of getting a little dirty to get the job done.  I just happen to think those are pretty important lessons.  This time next week, we will both be putting in lots of overtime and I won’t have time to be blogging.


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