My favorite time of the year

We have been extremely busy the last month and I don’t think we are going to slow down much for the next month.  Of course the hubby has been busier than me, but he hasn’t given me much free time.  I know with my last post I was talking about planting our sweet potatoes.  We easily finished up the next morning after the big storm.  The plants actually handled the storm very well.  There were a few places in the field that washed away a little, but the hail only did minimal damage.  We still had to have the insurance adjuster come out and check out everything.  He had to check our corn too.  The amazing thing is how quickly plants can come back from hail damage, now that it’s been about 3 weeks I can’t even tell any of the corn had damage.  It definitely affected some of the yield, but things could have been so much worse.

The hubby has been trying to cut wheat and plant soybeans.  During that time my main job is to drive behind him with the truck pulling the combine header.  He really can’t travel down the road with the header on, it takes up the whole road.  It isn’t a difficult job, but it is time consuming.  We have done a lot of traveling with the combine this year.  The hubby had to cut for a couple of other people that were pretty far away from our house.  Harvest season is almost over, we finished up our last field yesterday.  Harvest is a little behind this year, because we had a good bit of rain during the beginning of June.  The boys have really enjoyed riding in the combine, they have to take turns, so I have to keep running back and forth.


The other job that I have been working on has been our garlic.  I’ve been cleaning it up a little and getting it ready for the farmer’s market.  It isn’t very time consuming and wouldn’t take long at all, except for the fact that we have so much of it!  I’m not really sure what the hubby was thinking when he planted to much.  We definitely won’t have any vampires coming around.  I have also been cooking everything with garlic and feeding it to my chickens.  After I read that garlic was a natural wormer, I’ve been giving it to them once a week.


It’s so hard for me to believe that my summer vacation is over halfway gone.  Once school starts back not only will I be very busy but my hubby will get busy too.  He works pretty hard during the fall combining corn and selling deer corn.  Well I’m hoping I can at least blog once a month or so.  Until next time.


New Beginnings(part 2)

Alright so I really feel like I am on a roll with blogging now!  I actually have a couple other blogs going in a draft state.  I wanted to get this one posted pretty quickly because I know I left everyone hanging with what our next step was with the sweet potato plants.  We got up bright and early on Saturday (my first official day of summer break) and headed different directions.  I went to check the field to see just how muddy it was and the hubby went to finish working on his setters.  A setter is this really cool machine that attached to the back of the tractor.  People actually sit on it and feed little plants into the ground.  At the bottom it first puts a whole in the ground, then some water, and then it drops in the plant.  The whole thing looked pretty cool!  We are only trying this out, so we got a two-row setter.



So it took most of the day to get everything ready and then to try out the setter.  We started with family and planted about eight rows, we were missing the people who usually walk behind.  The next day we had lots of help and an early start.  Even with that we didn’t get nowhere near as far as we had planned.  The machine had to have lots of adjustments and everyone was new to planting this way.  It was also Father’s Day and I made the hubby quit a little early so that I could fix him a nice steak dinner.



On the third day, we got an even earlier start.  Everyone also knew exactly what they were doing, so we moved along quickly.   We worked, sweated, wiped our brows, and worked some more.  It felt pretty good to move on up the field.  Around 4:30 we were so close we could see the finish line.  The sky had been looking pretty dark and thunder was rumbling in the distance.  I tried my best to just stay focus and hurry.  I knew I wanted to get as many little plants in the ground, so that they could enjoy the rain.  I really just got into a groove pushing little plants in the ground and ignoring the clouds that were coming.  I remember looking up a few times and thinking the sky looked so dark.  Finally it started sprinkling a little rain, but we worked even harder.  I mean we were about ten short rows from being completely finished.  The rain started coming down harder and we decided to run out of the field.  I ran to my car thinking I would try to get it out of the field, but once I got in there I realized my hubby had me blocked in.  He had run and jumped in his truck so we were stuck in two different trucks.  As soon as I feel so thankful for rain, we start to have hail.  It was a terrible sinking feeling to watch 3 days of hard work get beat with hail.  It was just such an emotional thing, we went from being so excited that morning to being devastated after the storm.  To make everything much worse, my dad calls and tells me that some of the buildings at the dairy.  At that point I ran and jumped in the truck with my hubby, so we could drive the tractor home.  After the storm we came out and assessed the damage.  Here are some pictures to close out this post.

commodity shed

commodity shed2